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Corporate Membership Policy

here to download the Corporate Membership Policy. 

Cancellation Policy

If a member needs to cancel his/her membership, a request must be put in writing by completing a Cancellation Form at the Front Desk within 30 days of his/her draft date. If a member cancels his/her membership and decides to rejoin within 30 days of canceling the membership, he/she will not be required to pay the joining fee again.

Guest Policy

Anyone wanting to be a guest at the YMCA needs to bring a Photo ID for entry.  A guest living within 50 miles of Hopkinsville may come one time at no charge. Members may bring out of town guests (outside the Western Kentucky area) up to two weeks annually. Individuals cannot visit as a guest if they were previous YMCA members.

1. If a person resides within a 50 mile radius, they may visit the YMCA one time at no cost.

2. If a person is a YMCA member outside a 50 mile radius, they may visit 14 times free 

annually. They must show a driver's license and YMCA membership card. 


3. If a person is visiting Hopkinsville and does not belong to another YMCA, the following guidelines will be followed:

            a.    The individual must reside outside of a 50 mile radius.

            b.    The individual must sign a waiver form available at the Front Desk and 

                    show proper identification.

            c.    The individual will pay $8 per visit per person.

4. If a Hopkinsville YMCA member has relatives visiting from outside Christian County, they may bring them to the YMCA 14 times annually.  Member must accompany all guests each time they visit the facility.

The YMCA reserves the right to restrict the number of visits a person can use and/or restrict the hours in which a person can use the facility.

Guests that are 16 years of age and older must show a photo ID.  For guests under the age of 16, an adult member or the parent or legal guardian must complete a Guest Information Form and Release of Liability at the Front Desk.  The adult must stay at the facility with the minor guest(s) every time they use the facility.  

Sexual Behavior Policy

The official policy of the YMCA prohibits inappropriate sexual behavior at its facility and program locations.  Any member engaging in such prohibited behavior at the YMCA and/or program location will have his or her participation privileges terminated immediately.  Any guest who violates this policy will be prohibited from ever being a part of the YMCA.  Members and guests of the YMCA who witness any inappropriate behavior are encouraged to report the activity immediately to a YMCA staff member.

Code of Conduct

1.    All Members must display our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility while in the facility.

2.    Entrance to the YMCA is through the lobby only.

3.    Membership ID cards must be presented when entering the building.

4.    No loitering while on the YMCA premises.

6.    Shirts and shoes are required in the building at all times. No sagging pants allowed; Dress code must be followed.

7.    No foul language, physical violence, or disruptive behavior.

8.    No destruction of property.

9.    No tobacco products, alcohol, or weapons allowed at any time. 

10.  The YMCA has the right to search all individuals and their belongings.

11.  No offensive language or inappropriate t-shirts or clothing.

12.  No public displays of affection.

13.  Failure to comply with these policies may result in suspension or termination

        of membership. 

Locker Room Policy

The Locker Rooms are designed for all members.  

Please bring your own lock to secure your valuables in the locker rooms, as the YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We ask that everyone take his or her belongings home on a daily basis.  Lockers will be monitored periodically and locks that are left on overnight will be removed.  If the contents are not picked up within three days, the items will be given to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  

Please dry off completely before entering the dressing area of the locker room after swimming or taking a shower.  Food and drinks are not permitted in the locker rooms for sanitary reasons. All children over 5 years of age will not be permitted to go into the opposite sex locker room.


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