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Wellness Center Features

Wellness Main Room

The main room of the wellness center features seventeen treadmills, thirteen ellipticals, eight upright and recumbent bicycles, two stair steppers, and two Adaptive Motion Trainers, all made by Precor and StarTrac. We also have two FirstDegree Fitness fluid rowers and upper body ergometers. Our Paramount and Hoist weight machines are a great way to help build and tone muscles.

Free Weight Room

Our Free Weight Room features a variety of ProElite and Hammer Strength equipment, as well as dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 lbs.

Indoor track

Upstairs, above the wellness center, is an indoor walking track that can be used whenever inclement weather prevents you from walking or running outside. Twelve laps around the track is one mile; you can check out clickers from the front desk to help you keep count of your laps.

Stretch Area

There is a stretching and abdominal workout area located upstairs where members can use floor mats to get down on the floor and stretch, or use stability balls to work on those problematic abs. This area also features weight training accessories (dumbbells, weighted balls, resistance bands, etc.) to help you vary your workout.

Aerobics Room

Our large aerobics room is used for all aerobics classes, as well as gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do. The hardwood floor is specially designed to reduce the impact on your lower body. The classes all use a variety of equipment, ranging from stability balls to resistance bands, weighted bars to dumbbells. All equipment is provided, but you are always welcome to bring your own floor mats if you wish.

Spinning Room

The spinning room in our facility features StarTrac stationary bicycles for our cycling classes.


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