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Aquatics- Swim Lessons

We have an Outdoor Pool open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year!

Normal Pool Hours: M-F 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 1pm-6pm
The Pool is closed for 30 minutes or more anytime we see lightning, or there is an accident in the pool, or until chemical levels return to normal.

Swim Lessons 2017

Swim Lesson Descriptions

Click here to register online for all classes.

Cost: Members $50 (registration available now)
Non-Members $75 (registration available 4/1 in house and online)

Pikes age: minimum of three (3) yrs
Classes conducted in 2½’- 3½’ pool area. minimum of three (3) yrs 
A beginner I class. Participant has had little to no exposure to swimming. Swimmer will be introduced to the water with an emphases on floating (front and back) using an instructional floatation device (IFD) and to begin learning the foundation of rhythmic breathing.

Pikes Registration Form

Classes conducted in 4’ pool area. A beginner class. In this class the swimmer will use instructional floatation devices (IFD) and will be assisted by their instructors. 
After successful completion, the swimmer should be able to:
Paddle on their front and back for 25 yds using an IFD or at least 20 feet without an IFD. Walk or swim away from the wall and return without assistance & float on their front and back for at least 30 seconds with or without an IFD.

Polliwogs Registration Form

Classes conducted in 4’ to 10’ pool area. none An advanced beginner class. 
After successful completion, the swimmer should be able to:
Swim on their front alternating arms to paddle (front crawl) while breathing rhythmically with their face in or out of the water, breast stroke and backstroke all for 25 yds and begin to turn front and back somersaults in the water.

Guppy Registration Form

Classes conducted in 4’ to 10’ pool area. This is the third level class for youth. Here they learn diving safety and the five main swim strokes – front & back crawl, breaststroke, side stroke and elementary backstroke. 
Upon successful completion the swimmer will be able to:
Swim, unassisted,  all five main strokes for 25 yds, skull and tread water, perform a feet first and head first dive, forward and backward somersault, demonstrate proper reaching and throwing assists and perform rescue breathing.

Minnow Registration Form.

Registration for swim lessons is closed online; you must come into the YMCA to register because there are very few remaining spots    



Hopkinsville YMCA & Special Olympics
Friday Night Swim!

Join us at the Hopkinsville YMCA for open swim
for special needs children Dates to be  determined for 2015.

The open swim is available to everyone with special needs
regardless of YMCA membership and it’s free!!

Parents must provide any required swim devices and must help supervise their child.  Due to safety issues, we will limit the number of participants to 25 each night and a limit of two adults per child.

Enter side gate of YMCA Pool by Concession Stand.

Please RSVP by calling 270.887.5382. 

The first 25 to RSVP will be allowed to attend.
You must RSVP each week. 
Preference will be given to those who were unable to attend in previous weeks.


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